My Salon Business Coach

My Salon Business Coach

As your Salon Business Coach I will…

Put my clients interests first, doing whatever it takes to serve them to the highest possible standards at all times.

Consider for each potential new engagement the possibility of creating a conflict of interest, of the perception of such a conflict, and, if such a conflict is identified, take all reasonable steps to protect the interests and confidentiality of each client.

Act independently and objectively, and exercise professional care to establish the facts of a situation and bring to bear an informed and experienced judgement.

Continue to develop my coaching competences and keep up to date with best practice.

Establish, maintain and develop business relationships based on mutual confidence and trust.

Refrain from entering into any agreement or undertaking any activity, which is unlawful, unethical or anti-competitive.

Safeguard all confidential information which comes into my possession.

Not undertake any assignment if I believe that I do not posses the necessary knowledge, experience or resources required for that particular request.

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